TP-09010 B RAPP:1/30 Screw Jack

  • TP-09010 B RAPP:1/30 Screw Jack

TP-09010 B RAPP:1/30 Screw Jack

Code: TP-09010 B RAPP:1/30
Brand: Unimec


Material Normative Specification Indications
Worm 16NiCr4 EN 10084:2008 Casehardening alloy steel Casehardened and ground on teeth and holds
Worn wheel CuAl10Fe2-GZ EN 1982:2008 Alluminium bronze Centrifuged
Threaded spindle C45 EN 10083-2:2006 Carbon steel Tr 100x12 (ISO 2901:2016) - Rolled or machined
Carter GJL 250 EN 1561:2011 Grey cast iron Completely machined on 6 faces
Lubricant Unimec Mark CA Calcium based grease 2,3 kg

General features

Operating temperature [°C] -10 °C / 80 °C
Static load (traction or compression) 500 kN
Dynamic load (traction or compression) 350 kN
Maximum input speed 1800 rpm
Main gearbox weight 110 kg
Trapezoidal screw weight 56 kg/m
Anti-rotation torque at maximum load 2650 Nm
Maximum admissible static lateral loads 8 kN
Center-to-center diameter 110 mm
Maximum radial load on worm 1 kN
Standard working conditions 25 °C - servizio 10%

Specific features

Nominal ratios
1/10 1/30
Real ratio 1/10 1/30
Translation per worm revolution 1,2 mm 0,4 mm
Efficiency 18 % 12 %
Start-up efficiency 12 % 8 %
Maximum linear speed 1800 720
Torque at maximum load 370 Nm 185 Nm
Worm screw maximum torque 2000 Nm 2000 Nm
Idle torque 3,25 Nm 2,3 Nm

Euler's law (safety factor =2; dynamic compression load)
Limit Load 1 (red) - 2 (blue) - 3 (green)
C = Load [kN]
L = Overall trapezoidal screw length [mm]

Power curves

The magenta zone indicates a potential heating risk. Working cycles must be carefully analized.
VR = Worm rotational speed [rpm]
VL = Spindle translation speed [mm/min]
P = Requested input power [kW]

Unimec Datasheets

Country & Language File Name Download Link
United States (English) Unimec-EN_59050.pdf Download
Deutschland (Deutsch) Unimec-DE_13807.pdf Download
Italy (Italiano) Unimec-IT_75906.pdf Download
中国(简体 Unimec-CN_95426.pdf Download

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