TP-00183 Screw Jack

  •  TP-00183 Screw Jack

TP-00183 Screw Jack

Code: TP-00183
Brand: Unimec


Material Normative Specification Indications
Worm 16NiCr4 EN 10084:2008 Casehardening alloy steel Casehardened and ground on teeth and holds
Worn wheel CuAl10Fe2-GM EN 1982:2008 Alluminium bronze Chill molded
Threaded spindle C45 EN 10083-2:2006 Carbon steel Tr 18x3 (ISO 2901:2016) - Rolled or machined
Carter AlSi12 EN 1706:2010 Aluminium alloy Completely machined on 6 faces
Lubricant Total Multis MS2 Calcium based grease 60 g

General features

Operating temperature [°C] -10°C / 80 °C
Static load (traction or compression) 10 kN
Dynamic load (traction or compression) 5 kN
Maximum input speed 1800 rpm
Main gearbox weight 1,8 kg
Trapezoidal screw weight 1,6 kg/m
Anti-rotation torque at maximum load 7 Nm
Maximum admissible static lateral loads 0 N
Center-to-center diameter 30 mm
Maximum radial load on worm 100 N
Standard working conditions 25 °C - servizio 10%

Specific features

Nominal ratios
1/5 1/20
Real ratio 1/5 1/20
Translation per worm revolution 0,6 mm 0,15 mm
Efficiency 29 % 24 %
Start-up efficiency 20 % 17 %
Maximum linear speed 1080 270
Torque at maximum load 1,7 Nm 0,6 Nm
Worm screw maximum torque 23 Nm 23 Nm
Idle torque 0,1 Nm 0,08 Nm

Unimec Datasheets

Country & Language File Name Download Link
United States (English) Unimec-EN_59050.pdf Download
Deutschland (Deutsch) Unimec-DE_13807.pdf Download
Italy (Italiano) Unimec-IT_75906.pdf Download
中国(简体 Unimec-CN_95426.pdf Download

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