Dat 100/Rs485 Profibus

  • Dat 100/Rs485 Profibus

Dat 100/Rs485 Profibus

Code: Dat 100/Rs485
Brand: Pavone

The DAT 100/RS485 product is a weight transmitter which guarantees high performance and long-term reliability. Its small width makes it possible to position a large number of transmitters inside the electrical automation panels. DAT 100/RS485 weight transmitter has an interface with intrinsically safe barriers for use in hazardous areas. It has two red status LEDs, 3 mechanical buttons behind the red door and screw terminal blocks.

Pavone Datasheets

Country & Language File Name Download Link
United States (English) Technical_Specifications_Pavone_Systems_dat400_ab4429_77453.pdf Download
United States (English) Technical_Specifications_Pavone_Systems_dat500_4f7480_64370.pdf Download
United States (English) Technical_Specifications_Pavone_Systems_dat-500-analog_efec3b_78468.pdf Download
United States (English) Technical_Specifications_Pavone_Systems_mc302_43103b_19246.pdf Download
United States (English) Technical_Specifications_Pavone_Systems_mct-1303-batch_081be9_91178.pdf Download
United States (English) Technical_Specifications_Pavone_Systems_tester1006_9b8a5a_88792.pdf Download

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