700-882-Mpı21 Ethernet Wlan Gateway

  • 700-882-Mpı21 Ethernet Wlan Gateway

700-882-Mpı21 Ethernet Wlan Gateway

Code: 700-882-Mpı21
Brand: Helmholz

The NETLink® WLAN is an Ethernet Gateway with integrated WLAN function. As an alternative to the RJ45 socket, the required "Ad-hoc” or "Infrastructure” mode can be parameterized using the web interface. There is support for all standard wireless security methods, such as WEP, WPA, and WPA2. The NETLink® WLAN obtains its supply voltage from the CPU of the automation device or optionally from externally supplied DC 24 V.
The 1.2 m long connecting cable is designed as an active cable and therefore does not affect bus participants installed in the system. In general, connection to each MPI/PROFIBUS connection of the bus system or directly at the interfaces of active and passive participants is also possible. The PG socket integrated in the connector housing allows connection of additional devices.
The NETLink® WLAN enables implementation of TCP/IP on MPI/PPI/PROFIBUS with up to 32 simultaneous connection channels.
With the switchable single-master operation, passive bus participants can be addressed. The integration of SCADA, HMI, and OPC applications is possible via the widely used ISO on TCP (RFC 1006) protocol. They are automatically recognized and forwarded by NETLink® WLAN.
The integrated web interface offers parameterization, diagnostic, and security features, and for functional enhancements the user can use our free diagnostic software SHTools to automatically perform firmware updates, for example.

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